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What does it cost?
DivorceBureau® Service helps you generate the necessary documents by guiding you through a step-by-step procedure. With our divorce professional our innovative solution can save you from hundreds to thousands of dollars.

Please see the following comparison charts for a better understanding:
DivorceBureau® Service
  • Both Parties are in full agreement and are fully cooperative on issues relating to Children, Division of Properties/Assets and Maintenance
Our Service (Inc GST) S$599 nett
Total Charges for Our Service (Inc GST) S$599 nett
Court Filing Fees Included
Third Party Charges
Bankruptcy search fees  -  Excluded
Legal Advice (Optional) S$150 Nett/Session
(Usually 1/2 hour contact is sufficient even for complex cases.)

What does it cost?
Details Typical Law Firm DivorceBureau® Service
Determine Eligibility
Organize your Case Information
Provide Completed Documents for Court Filing
Detailed Filing Instructions
Arrange for Commissioner of Oath
Bankruptcy Search & Photocopying of ROM Certificate
File your case with the Family Justice Courts of Singapore
Update you of outcome, further filing and conclusion
Time needed to prepare documents for filing Ranges from Weeks~Months As little as 20 minutes
Total S$2500 ~ S$3500
(Sometimes not inclusive of disbursement)
S$599 nett
(Not inclusive of other cost)
Law firms offering S$990~S$1600 and do not provide comprehensive services Option of paying additional nominal fee of S$150 nett to consult our senior family lawyers from Yeo & Associates LLC
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